How does ComparJobs work?

Use ComparJobs in 3 easy steps!

  1. Creation of the job posting

    The first step is to fill out a short online questionnaire about the position to be filled. This generally takes about 5 to 20 minutes.

  2. Publication of the job offer

    We will instantly begin a publicity campaign in order to attract the greatest possible number of potential candidates for your company. You campaign can last up to 30 days, or less, depending on your preferences.

    Our basic fee automatically includes:

    • Notifications sent to thousands of candidates in our database
    • A posting o a series of preselected job sites
    • A targeted social media campaign
    • A shareable link so that you can receive and analyze applications that you have found through your own means (for example, via your own website or social media)

    You can also increase your visibility through postings on other specialized job sites (with an additional fee).

  3. Evaluation of candidates and recommendations

    Each day during the posting period, we will send you a table that provides access to all of the applications received.

    All the candidates are ranked according to their potential compatibility with your company, based on their job requirements and expectations.

    You can consult the profile, CV, and LinkedIn profile of each candidate, and our analysis sheet will also point out the positive aspects and points to keep an eye on for each one:

    • Does the candidate have the basic skills requested?
    • Are the remuneration and job conditions suitable?
    • Will the candidate integrate well into your team?
    • Will the candidate be satisfied with your work environment?
    • Etc.
  4. The ball is in your court - time to interview and do some hiring!

    Once you've consulted the applications you've received, you can invite the candidates you like for an interview and proceed to the hiring process.

    If the candidates are not satisfactory, you can launch a second posting period in order to obtain more CVs.