Why use ComparJobs?

Adapt your recruitment process to the realities of the new generations of workers (Generation Y and Z)

ComparJobs is a recruitment tool designed to help companies attract and select motivated, loyal employees. Although our approach can be applied to all types of workers, ComparJobs was designed with the workers of the new generations in mind, by members of these generations.

The label ''Generation Y'' is usually applied to people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, who are also known as millenials. In fact, they are the baby boomers’ children. The arrival of this age bracket on the labour market has disrupted the methods of many managers. Indeed, these young workers sometimes have habits and behaviours that can be destabilizing to preceding generations. This trend will only increase with the imminent arrival on the job market of Generation Z, those young people born since the early 2000s.

Disparity between perception and reality

Rightly or wrongly, workers under 40 are often negatively portrayed by business leaders, human resources professionals or their older colleagues. They are described as:

  • Lazy, not hardworking;
  • Antagonistic and disrespectful of authority;
  • Impatient and unrealistic regarding their professional advancement;
  • Too demanding with respect to their working conditions;
  • Lacking loyalty towards their employer.

Yet studies suggest that they are capable of the same hard work as previous generations. In fact, priorities are the biggest difference between Generation Y and previous generations. For them, work is not an end in itself; it is only one life's facets that allows for personal fulfillment and development. As a result, it is essential for them to:

  • Love their work, to feel useful and appreciated;
  • Obtain feedback and recognition for their efforts;
  • Understand the purpose of their tasks, see the "big picture";
  • Be paid properly and fairly for their contributions;
  • Be able to balance work and personal life;
  • Be able to learn, grow and develop in their professional life.

In short, the new generations are no less competent or hardworking. The difference lies in their attitude towards work. That being said, high demands and lack of loyalty towards employers do characterize the new generations. If they feel that a job does not match their expectations and that they would do better elsewhere, they will not hesitate to change employers. For them, employer loyalty is an out-dated concept. However, they will remain loyal to individuals they respect and appreciate, like their boss or their colleagues. This distinction is important in understanding how to retain employees from Generation Y.

Attracting members of Generation Y

ComparJobs was designed by members of Generation Y, for members of Generation Y. Despite all the characterizations that can be made of the new generations of workers, employers cannot meet their staffing needs without them. Rather than fight this inescapable reality, it is more efficient for employers to invest in attracting, motivating and retaining workers that will be compatible with their organizations.

So the first step is to succeed in attracting young workers to your company. How will they hear about your company? Young people are known to be very comfortable with new technologies; the internet and social media are now the main sources of information about job opportunities for members of Generation Y. ComparJobs is an online tool that takes this reality into account by promoting each job posting on the internet, either through social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), through job search sites or by email to the thousands of subscribers in our database. By using the internet, we can target job seekers with the profile you are looking for.

But it is not enough that your job postings be seen by young workers; they must also manage to get their attention so that they will want to apply. In this regard, the ComparJobs approach is markedly different from other solutions on the market. Our tools are designed to put forward information specifically geared to the requirements of young workers. Through our research, we have identified 9 criteria that contribute to job satisfaction:

  • Salary
  • Schedules
  • Vacation and other benefits
  • Distance and travel time
  • Types of tasks
  • Work environment
  • Values of the immediate supervisor
  • Affinities with coworkers
  • Administration

Affinities with coworkers

Select motivated and loyal employees

Not only does ComparJobs allow you to attract quality candidates to your company, it also allows you to identify and select those who have the greatest potential for job satisfaction and retention. For each application received, you will have access to an analysis sheet that shows the compatibility between the candidate and your company. This compatibility is presented in the form of both an overall compatibility score, as well as a score based on the 9 factors that contribute to job satisfaction:

  • Does the salary offered correspond to the candidate’s expectations?
  • Are they satisfied with the vacation time and benefits?
  • Does the schedule fit their availabilities?
  • Are they comfortable with the travel distance?
  • Will your work environment suit them?
  • Do they share your professional values?
  • Will they be a good fit with your team?
  • Will they find their tasks stimulating?
  • Will the degree of professional challenge be sufficient?

Having this information early in the recruitment process allows you to identify each candidate’s potential sources of dissatisfaction. When interviewing, you can give priority to candidates who have the least chance of being dissatisfied and unmotivated, and who are less likely to look for other work as a result.