Who should use ComparJobs?

Employment agencies and job search websites: We want to work with you!

ComparJobs is a recruitment tool designed to help companies attract and select motivated, loyal employees.We’d like to collaborate with other specialized recruitment companies so that our innovative approach can reach the greatest possible number of employers.

Employment agencies

Employment agencies can use our recruitment software (web application) in their recruiting operations. Our tool allows you to take advantage of:

  • A simple, easy-to-use job offer posting solution that allows you to easily reach thousands of targeted candidates, whether through job search websites, social media campaigns, or the ComparJobs database containing thousands of candidates;
  • A simple, easy-to-use application management tool that allows you to easily view, sort, evaluate, rank, retain, or discard the applications received;
  • Our automated evaluation algorithm that analyzes the compatibility of each candidate with a job offered based on 9 professional satisfaction criteria. The goal is to prevent potential dissatisfaction that would reduce the motivation and retention of new hires

Your recruiters can use the ComparJobs recruitment software directly from our web platform, or incorporate it directly into your existing recruitment tools.

There are several advantages to your employment agency using ComparJobs:

  • Obtain assistance with mandates where the client asks you to quickly fill a large number of positions.
  • Access new CV databases in several industries with a large number of passive job seekers that can't usually be accessed with other tools.
  • Take the weight off your recruiting team when they become overwhelmed by the sheer number of mandates to fulfill. With ComparJobs, they’ll spend less time reading, evaluating, and sorting CVs. The first evaluation is performed automatically by our algorithm, which will allow them to concentrate solely on the best candidates.
  • Offer an innovative solution to your clients facing problems motivating and retaining personnel. You can also help them target candidates with the best integration potential with their company as early as the selection process.
  • Automatically separate the suitable and unsuitable candidates for jobs that generate a large number of applications in order to increase your productivity.

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Job search websites

At first glance, ComparJobs may be mistaken for a traditional job search website. However, ComparJobs works in tandem with existing recruitment sites, collaborating as a client or as a supplier.

Several collaboration possibilities between job search website operators and ComparJobs are possible:

  • Become a ComparJobs supplier as one of the sites on which we post our jobs. For every job to be filled by our clients, we post the job offer on different general and specialized job search websites. You can also be included in the sites suggested to our clients for finding candidates.
  • Incorporate our automated evaluation algorithm into your services. Job search websites that want to offer an innovative, new service to their clients can help them identify motivated and loyal candidates among the CVs received. Our potential candidate satisfaction evaluation tool can be included in your service offer, either for all of your clients or as an on-demand option.

Our concept is also ready to use all across the world. Licenses are available to market our recruiting software in locations not currently served by ComparJobs.

Contact us today to discuss partnership possibilities! We’d be happy to count you among our collaborators.