Why use ComparJobs?

More effective application management

ComparJobs is a recruitment tool designed to help companies attract and select motivated, loyal employees.

Although widespread in big companies, applicant tracking systems are less common in smaller businesses. This type of software allows you to centralize tasks in your recruitment process: receiving applications, sorting the candidates, following up, etc. Often, these tools include algorithms for targeting and sorting candidates based on certain information: keywords, skills, experience, etc.

ComparJobs also allows you to effectively manage the applications received, but its advantage lies in the method used to sort the applicants. ComparJobs automatically evaluates the applications based on the potential satisfaction of the candidates, taking into account 9 factors that impact worker motivation and retention:

  • Salary
  • Schedules
  • Vacation and other benefits
  • Distance and travel time
  • Types of tasks
  • Work environment
  • Values of the immediate supervisor
  • Affinities with coworkers
  • Administration

ComparJobs thereby allows you to more easily find employees who have a genuine interest in the position to be filled. This information is added to the other, more traditional, evaluation criteria that you want to assess, especially regarding skills and specializations.

Additionally, the applications you receive via the ComparJobs tool can be easily managed. While traditional job search websites bombard you with emails containing candidates’ CVs, ComparJobs centralizes all the applicants directly in its web application. Every day throughout the posting period, you’ll receive a single email notifying you of the new applications received. These applications can be accessed at all times by logging into your profile on our application.

For every job posted, our dashboard, sorted by column, allows you to view the list of applications received, with:

  • The name of the candidate;
  • The date of the application;
  • Your ranking of the candidate (out of 5 stars);
  • The ComparJobs compatibility evaluation ranking, calculated by our algorithm based on the candidate's potential satisfaction;
  • The status of the application, divided into 4 possibilities:
    • To watch: for new, not-yet-viewed applications;
    • Retained: for applications that interest you;
    • Rejected: for application that don’t interest you;
    • Pending: for applications that you’ve viewed but have yet to decide on.

You can also click on each application to open the candidate's profile, a tool allowing you to perform the following:

  • View the candidate's CV;
  • Access the candidate's LinkedIn profile (where applicable);
  • Discover the overall compatibility rating of the candidate with the position;
  • Become familiar with the candidate's compatibility analysis sheet based on 9 factors indicating potential satisfaction with the position.
  • Reject or retain the candidate, depending on your appraisal of his or her profile;
  • Obtain the candidate's contact information in order to invite him or her to an interview.

Also, the applications received are yours and remain archived in your employer profile for future hires.

You’re then able to effectively manage the applications received. Regardless of the quantity of CVs to review, we make the process easier by allowing you to quickly identify the best candidates, view their profile, and make a decision in light of a possible job interview.

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