Why use ComparJobs?

Save time and money with a recruitment solution that is simple and affordable

ComparJobs is a recruitment tool designed to help companies attract and select motivated, loyal employees. Although our approach can be applied to all types of workers, ComparJobs was designed with the workers of the new generations in mind, by members of these generations.

Before starting a new recruitment campaign, it’s important to consider time and budget constraints. First, you must consider who will handle the process. Will you do it alone or will you delegate it to someone else? Does this person have more important tasks to attend to? Is recruiting their specialty? Few companies have the luxury of paying full-time recruiters whose sole focus is the hiring of new staff. But even a company with in-house recruiters can be overwhelmed by the volume of vacancies and applications to manage. In short, it’s often advantageous to seek external help.

For certain strategic positions, it can be worthwhile to pay thousands of dollars to hire a professional headhunter, but for most "traditional" positions, such an investment would be unreasonable. Even the use of a normal recruitment agency can cost thousands per hire. Of course, it is tempting to have a professional handle the recruitment process from A to Z. This allows you to focus on other tasks. But faced with the high costs of these services, many employers prefer in-house recruitment.

Even if you prefer doing the job yourself, you might still decide to use online posting tools to promote your job openings. Some sites will offer you free postings, but these are often sent to sites unsuited to the specific needs of your company. Other sites charge up to $800 just to disseminate your postings and transmit the applicants' CVs. Unfortunately, these tools provide only the CVs of interested persons without any sorting of the applications. Unless you have access to an application tracking system, you will need to spend hours reading and sorting CVs in order to identify applications with some potential and eliminate those that are not relevant.

ComparJobs offers a more efficient solution that will minimize the work you need to do, starting at only $300 per hire. Indeed, with ComparJobs, all you have to do is take 5 to 10 minutes to complete a simple questionnaire on the vacancy. From there, we take care of everything up to interview stage:

  • We will promote your job posting using a targeted campaign based on your needs:
    • On employment sites
    • Through our database, which contains thousands of job seekers
    • Through a campaign on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • We will compile all the applications through our online management tool, which allows you to view, sort and select the applications you want, without flooding your mailbox with CVs.
  • We will conduct an initial analysis of each candidate based on 9 job satisfaction criteria. This will help you identify people who have the greatest potential for integration, motivation and retention in your business:
    • Does the salary offered correspond to the candidate’s expectations?
    • Are they satisfied with the vacation time and benefits?
    • Does the schedule fit their availabilities?
    • Are they comfortable with the travel distance?
    • Will your work environment suit them?
    • Do they share your professional values?
    • Will they be a good fit with your team?
    • Will they find their tasks stimulating?
    • Will the degree of professional challenge be sufficient?

With these measures, the most interesting candidates can be identified at a glance, allowing you to decide whether or not to schedule an interview.

By doing much of the work for you at a very affordable price, ComparJobs will become an essential part of your human resources program.

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