Terms and conditions

To make this text less cumbersome, workers (job seekers) and employers (companies) will all be identified by the term "user".

ComparJobs users understand and accept the following provisions:

Truthness of the provided user informations

ComparJobs relies on the information provided by its users in their profiles to operate properly. ComparJobs cannot guarantee either the veracity or the accuracy of the information contained in the profile of its users. Certain compatibility results may be false due to inaccurate information provided by users. Under no circumstance shall ComparJobs be held liable for the trueness of compatibility results indicated.

Tool validity

ComparJobs considers the potential compatibility between its users from criteria defined by its creators. These criteria are not representative of an exhaustive list of all criteria to be considered in a recruitment process. ComparJobs’ potential compatibility results only serve to guide users based on these criteria. Under no circumstance shall ComparJobs be held liable for the scientific validity of compatibility results indicated. Only users may be held liable for the choices that they implement as part of a recruitment process where ComparJobs is involved. For this reason, we recommend that in any recruitment process, our users employ various sources of information and in addition to ComparJobs.

Results warranty

Although the ComparJobs team has put a lot of effort into growing its bank of users, it is possible that a user may only find very few or no suitable users. Users who find themselves in this situation have two choices: the first is to be patient until a compatible user joins; the second is to modify the information in your profile to make it more accessible (reduce requirements, make benefits more competitive, etc). An employer that does not find a suitable candidate one year after its subscription may, upon written request, obtain a free renewal of its basic package (a $50 value + taxes).


Users understand and accept that their subscription to ComparJobs means that other suitable users may wish to communicate with them. In the majority of cases, ComparJobs shall act as intermediary to put users in touch with one another. If a user is dissatisfied with the amount of communication being received from ComparJobs, that user is invited to modify his/her profile’s parameters on ComparJobs’ website.

Applicants who accept a company’s invitation to participate in the interview process also accept that their coordinates will be shared with that company. Once the invitation has been accepted and the coordinates shared, ComparJobs may not be held liable for exchanges between the users in question.

Any issue, question or comments on these provisions must be communicated in writing to info@comparjobs.com.