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Every week, you spend a great deal of time at your workplace. When you think about it, a person often spends more time at work than with their family and friends. In short, it becomes necessary to consider the work environment as a living environment. As with any place where humans spend a great deal of time, this living environment can affect your mood, confidence, and level of comfort.

By focusing solely on the physical aspect of a work environment and ignoring the human and professional aspects, a multitude of factors may affect a worker's job satisfaction. These factors may touch on the exact location of the job, or its surroundings. They consist of items and services that you see, visit, or use daily, either during your work hours, on your breaks, and while commuting.

Let's begin with elements of the environment surrounding your workplace. First, there are those that make your daily travel between work facilities and your home easier. For example, for different reasons, some workers prefer to travel by car, meaning they need to park near their place of work. Depending on where the job is located, certain employers possess reserved parking lots or they rent them for their employees. In some of the densest urban areas, employees must pay for municipal or private parking lots out of their own pocket, or use parking meters. Other neighbourhoods make it easy to park for free in streets near the workplace. In short, the difficulty for some drivers to arrive at work may be greatly affected by parking opportunities.

On the other hand, other people prefer (or are forced) to take public transit when commuting. Again, the employer's geographic location may affect the quality of life of workers using public transit. Is the workplace near a bus stop? Is it served by a subway or commuter train station? Does the employer encourage active transportation by making bicycle racks available to employees? There is a wide range of possibilities that, depending on a person's preferred means of transportation, may influence their job satisfaction.

Local services are another factor near a workplace that may affect a worker's level of comfort. For example, many people enjoy picking up a coffee on the way to work or eating out at lunchtime. This type of service is not always available near a workplace. There are also many other services that workers often use to make their lives easier, such as parks and green spaces, daycares, or sports facilities for those who work out, not to mention the people who enjoy organizing happy hours with their colleagues after work. Lastly, we should remember that some of these services are not always available near a workplace.

And, even more important than local services, the physical environment of the actual workplace should also be taken into account. This daily environment, where many spend a large part of their day, directly influences a worker’s job satisfaction. Incidentally, more and more companies are investing thousands of dollars in the infrastructure offered to employees. Take, for example, IT companies that compete to provide their employees with unique, pleasant, and comfortable infrastructure.

Now, which would you prefer at your workplace: a cafeteria that serves meals or a kitchen to heat up your lunch? Are you a coffee addict? Then you’d surely appreciate access to a coffee machine in the workplace. Other employers will be more concerned with the physical, mental, and spiritual health of their employees, and will provide benefits such as gyms, showers, relaxation rooms, prayer and meditation rooms, or entertainment centres. Employees are also increasingly appreciative of free Wi-Fi and the possibility of teleworking. Some employers also have on-site daycares for their employees’ children. In short, there are many elements that certain employers offer to make you happier and more comfortable at work.

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