Why try ComparJobs?


The social aspect is increasingly becoming a determining factor in job satisfaction. Statistics even show that the vast majority of workers develop close friendships with their coworkers. In a time when employer loyalty has become all but non-existent, work socialization now influences the length of time a person will remain at a job. This reality is even more noticeable with newer generations of workers, known as Generation Y and Generation Z.

In short, the closer a person is with their coworkers, the longer they tend to remain with a company. Conversely, unstable, difficult, or non-existent relationships with a work team may cause people to leave their jobs sooner. That means it’s vital that employers ensure their employees develop strong interrelationships, which explains the rise in popularity of team-building activities and social activities such as holiday parties and after-work happy hours.

Regardless of an employer's efforts, there may still be a lack of chemistry between one or more individuals. They may get along professionally and be fully capable of working together, but nothing more: nothing in common and no desire to take to relationship further. While not an entirely terrible situation, it still doesn't encourage a pleasant work environment full of team spirit and mutual aid. Employees then become less attached to their jobs and are more likely to begin searching for something else in a new, more pleasant environment.

On the other hand, a person may be ready for a new professional challenge, yet hesitant to change jobs out of fear of not finding anything as wonderful as their current team. How can you find out if you have a potential affinity with the existing team working for a new employer? Will you be lonely and unhappy at your next job? This constitutes an additional stress, not to be taken lightly, that is added to the list of uncertainties about changing jobs.

To ComparJobs, a good job also depends on the quality of relationships with your coworkers. To this end, we analyze your affinities with your future coworkers to ensure that you have the potential to get along. We believe that your relationship with your team should go beyond work-related discussions. We're convinced that your discussions with coworkers have an impact on the quality of your work life, whether they take place at the coffee machine, in the parking lot in the morning, or in the cafeteria at lunchtime.

For this reason, we measure your affinities with your potential coworkers based on a series of personal interests a person may have. This evaluation allows us to verify whether you’ll have anything in common with potential future coworkers. The more your personal interests align, the higher the compatibility rating we’ll grant the job offered. In this way, we help you to identify the jobs where you're most likely to enjoy working with the current team, ensuring that you only apply for jobs that will fulfill your expectations and make you feel comfortable. It will also help you to integrate into your new work environment more easily and quickly.

So, how would you like to work with a team that will make you happy and with coworkers who share your interests? Create your ComparJobs profile today!