Why try ComparJobs?


Throughout your career, you have acquired a series of skills, work experience, training, and expertise that have formed your professional background This knowledge is what will enable you to perform your work well and have success in your professional life. Every work day becomes a challenge to meet, motivating you in your daily tasks.

However, after a while, your passion may fade. Once a professional challenge has been met many times and is no longer difficult, a job can also become less motivating. Fortunately, the best employers know how to keep their employees stimulated by constantly providing challenges so their employees remain enthusiastic and happy with their work. Yet, not everyone has this luxury. Often, employers are simply not able to offer more interesting tasks, either for lack of resources or opportunities.

In short, an employee may come full circle and decide that the only choice is to pursue new opportunities. There are several reasons that might push you to search for a new job, such as:

  • A job is not sufficiently related to your fields of study and training;
  • The work is not challenging enough given your experience;
  • Your professional goals have been met several times over and need to be achieved once again;
  • The sector no longer inspires you;
  • Your tasks seem repetitive and uninteresting;
  • You feel you have nothing more to learn from your position.

Regardless, it may be difficult for a person to find an exciting new challenge that will make good use of their skills. Where do you start looking? How can you make sure that a new job will really live up to your goals? Most of the time, the information in job offers reveal a lot about what the employer requires, yet very little about the actual nature of the challenge.

ComparJobs is the ideal tool for people searching for a new professional challenge. The concept of our tool rests on the assessment of your potential satisfaction with a job. The first step when signing up to ComparJobs is to set your requirements, goals, and expectations.

  • What are your goals in terms of work conditions?
  • In what kind of work environment would you like to advance?
  • With what kind of people do you wish to collaborate?
  • And, especially, what tasks and challenges do you wish to accomplish?

Based on the information that you provide, we’ll analyze all the job offers posted by our member companies. We’ll inform you of the offers that correspond the most and least with your expectations. In a single glance, you’ll be able to discover whether a job offer will make good use of your skills, experience, and knowledge.

The offers will also target the sectors that interest you most. That way, you’ll stay informed of all the offers in the sectors in which you wish to work. Regardless of whether or not you have experience in the sector, jobs may still match your capacities and professional goals. We’ll help you to discover job offers compatible with your expectations and requirements, but that may not have otherwise caught your eye.

In summary, no matter the reasons that pushed you to search for a new challenge, we can help you to find a new job that lives up to your goals.