Why try ComparJobs?


For many people, work schedules can be stressful, since they are not always adapted to their personal life. “Normal” work schedules are often stated as being Monday to Friday, from 9 to 5. However, this type of schedule is unsuitable for a large proportion of workers. In fact, some trades offer work shifts stretch into evenings, weekends, or nights, such as in the health, retail, and manufacturing and processing sectors that often operate day and night. In short, workers in certain specialized fields have no choice but to be available beyond weekdays if they hope to access specific jobs.

Yet, after a few years, these workers may wish for more reasonable schedules. Therefore, less experienced workers are often forced to take on less desirable work shifts and, as they build experience and seniority, can eventually request more appealing schedules. Unfortunately, the number of employees hoping for better work schedules with certain employers far exceeds the number of positions available, bringing them to turn to a new employer with better scheduling opportunities.

Furthermore, part-time work is a reality for thousands of workers who either choose to work fewer hours given their other obligations at specific times in during their week, or who have no other possibilities. For example, students are not available to work during school hours and are forced to choose specific availability time slots that may vary from one semester to another. Other people have family responsibilities that prevent them from working during certain periods of the week. There are also some people who must hold two jobs simultaneously and juggle work schedules to prevent conflict.

Let's not forget a new, increasingly widespread reality with the retirement of the baby-boomers. A growing number of new retirees wish to continue working on a part-time basis, either in the sector in which they built their career, or in entirely new fields. These retired workers are often well liked by employers, who can count on experienced and mature individuals. Frequently, these people don't need to work, but do so out of sheer pleasure and to stay active while earning an additional income. It is therefore understandable that these people would want to choose the specific days of the week they are available to work.

By searching for a job with ComparJobs, you decide your minimum and maximum number of working hours in a week. You also indicate when during the week you are available. We then compare your requests with what employers are offering with the jobs they post on our site. For every job offer, we’ll indicate whether the proposed work scheduled meet your requirements. You will then be able to easily identify which jobs correspond to what you are looking for, which come close, and which are too far off.

So if you're searching for a job with work schedules that suit your personal preferences and obligations, use ComparJobs! Act now and create your profile today!