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Work conditions, such as the vacation and benefits offered, are frequently overlooked when it comes time to choosing a new job. While job seekers often focus on the salary offered and the challenges to face, other conditions are considered an added perk, something to be discussed at the end of the hiring process and hardly negotiated. Yet, these factors may have a significant impact on job satisfaction.

The number of weeks of vacation is often the aspect of the conditions offered to which people pay the most attention. After all, we often hear that vacation is the reward for hard work. But how many vacation days will you have at a new job? Will you be able to take advantage of sunny summer days for outdoor activities or a trip? Will you have time to recharge during the holidays? Would you like to take a week-long ski trip with your kids during spring break? Would you like to visit out-of-town family every year? In short, you probably don’t lack for projects, but does your job provide enough flexibility to complete them?

Not to mention life's unexpected obligations that may cause you to miss work. These obligations may be family or health related. Will you be forced to dip into your bank of vacation days on these occasions? Will you be remunerated despite these obligations, or will these “false vacation days” be unpaid? Will your employer offer flexibility adapted to your schedule to make up lost work hours?

The other aspect of the benefits offered at your job not to be disregarded are the expenses paid by your employer. As often as not, these benefits offer you additional comfort that has a direct impact on your personal budget. They may represent significant costs that you won’t have to cover with your salary. This factor should be taken into account when two appealing jobs differ slightly in terms of salary. Among the items that may be covered by your employer are parking, cell phone fees, computers, meals, vehicles, training, dues to an association or professional order, or certain pieces of equipment or clothing. They are small amounts that, added up, can result in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars more added to your income.

Furthermore, your employer can contribute to some especially significant costs, such as the group insurance plan. This type of plan helps you avoid large payments for medication or health care professionals, such dentists, psychologists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, etc. Also, this insurance may provide excellent coverage of long-term absences from work for unavoidable reasons like health problems. They may also provide financial aid to your family or loved ones in case of disability or death. This kind of benefit should definitely not be ignored when choosing your next employer.

Lastly, if, like most workers, you plan on retiring one day, certain jobs offer significant advantages for the end of your career. Think of employers who contribute to a retirement savings plan or who offer the possibility of progressive retirement.

In summary, there is a plethora of work conditions that can influence your level of job satisfaction. Be sure to take these factors sufficiently into account when choosing your next professional challenge. For this reason, ComparJobs offers you the opportunity to define the minimum conditions you'd like to obtain from a job. We’ll evaluate each job offer posted on our site and let you know whether it matches your aspirations. In this way, you can more easily identify which jobs meet your expectations and requirements, thereby helping you to effortlessly find your dream job.

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