Who should use ComparJobs?


For different reasons, there are sometimes moments in our lives when we need to find a job quickly. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean applying for any old job. There's no use in accepting a job that will leave you unhappy and unmotivated. You’ll just end up wanting to change quickly to a better job, and you should be aware that employers are wary of people who change jobs too often. To avoid negatively impacting your employability, be sure to find a job that at least meets your basic requirements. You don't have to set the bar too high, but be sure all the same to find a job that will both satisfy and motivate you.

ComparJobs is a tool that helps job seekers to find a motivating job quickly. Hundreds of jobs have already been posted on this innovative web application by employers seeking motivated and loyal employees. It can be easily used in 3 simple steps:

  • First, create your free profile by filling out a short questionnaire on your expectations and requirements of your next job:
    • What type of professional challenge are you looking for?
    • What salary would you like to earn?
    • What kind of boss would you like to work with?
    • What types of coworkers would you enjoy?
    • What benefits would you like to have?
    • What is your availability?
    • How far from your home do you want to travel?
    • In what kind of work environment will you be happy?
    • What kinds of tasks motivate you?
    • This is also the step where you provide your CV and, if you wish, the link to your LinkedIn profile. Registration only takes a few minutes and allows our algorithm to identify suitable job offers. We look not only for jobs that you can perform, but also jobs that you’ll enjoy. Our goal is to help you to quickly find a job that you’ll like and will want to keep for a long time.

  • As soon as we find jobs that match your requirements, we send you an email notification. In that email, you’ll find a rating indicating your level of compatibility with the job offer. This rating is calculated by our algorithm and represents the compatibility of the job with your professional requirements.

    In a single click, you’ll be able to view the offer to find information on the employer and the available job. Each job offer will also include an analysis sheet detailing your compatibility with the job. This sheet will allow you to discover whether the job meets your expectations and requirements based on 9 factors of professional satisfaction:

    • Salary
    • Vacations and other benefits
    • Schedules
    • Distance from your home
    • Work environment
    • Professional challenges
    • Types of tasks to be performed
    • Boss’s values
    • Affinities with the members of the employer’s team

    For each of these factors, we’ll indicate whether or not the employer's offer meets your expectations.

  • Based on the information you’ll then have on hand, you can decide to apply for a job or not. To apply, simply click a single button. We’ll immediately send your profile to the employer in question. If interested by your application, the employer can then contact you by email or by phone to invite you to an interview.

In short, you only need a few minutes to sign up, and then we’ll automatically send you job offers compatible with your requirements every day. In a few clicks, you can them obtain all the details on the job posted and send in your application to start the hiring process.

If you're a job seeker in a rush, you should count on ComparJobs: the tool that allows you to quickly find a job you’ll like.

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