Why try ComparJobs?


No matter the tasks, challenges, or work conditions, your relationship with your immediate supervisor plays a key role in determining how much you like your job. In fact, many people say that workers don't leave their job - they leave their boss. Studies even show that newer generations of workers are more inclined to remain at a job longer when they like and respect their immediate supervisor. In short, good chemistry between an employer and employees increases job satisfaction, thereby directly influencing personnel motivation and retention.

Several factors may influence the quality of the relationship between worker and boss. Of course, as with all human relationships, some people have better affinities, whether due to their personalities, values, or interests. But in a work environment, many other factors can also impact the quality of this relationship, especially the stress and pressure generated by the professional or economic context.

Moreover, bosses can sometimes change within a company, whether due to a departure, restructuring, or promotion. A person may have gotten along well with their previous boss, only to suddenly find themselves in a more difficult relationship with their new immediate supervisor, even if the rest of their professional context hardly changes. This simple change may thrust a previously productive and motivated employee into a more difficult situation.

In contrast, once a person develops a great relationship with their immediate supervisor, they may be hesitant to accept a new professional challenge. How well will they get along with their new boss? Should they take the chance of ending up in a less comfortable professional relationship? How can they know for sure that it will be better?

At ComparJobs, we know you want to work in an environment with a good boss-employee relationship. For this reason, we’ve developed a tool that enables you to assess your potential affinity with your possible immediate supervisor in the job offer. That way, every company that posts a job offer with our tool must have the immediate supervisor of the role posted fill out a compulsory questionnaire. This measure allows us to assess your potential to get along with that person, and you’ll be able to take this factor into account before deciding to apply.

To measure your potential affinity with your future boss, we evaluate 2 main factors: professional values and personal interests. We asked a team of psychologists to develop a means of assessing the concordance between your professional values and those of your future employer. This evaluation is based on 15 major factors to which person attaches importance in their professional life. The higher the number of values you share with the boss associated with a job offer, the higher your compatibility with the job.

The second affinity factor assessed is the concordance of your personal interests. As we know that the relationship between two human beings is not solely influenced by professional factors, we also strive to discover whether you share common interests with your potential future boss. At ComparJobs, we believe that the informal discussions you have with your boss help increase the quality of your relationship, whether it's a quick chat when arriving in the morning, during breaks, or at the coffee machine. Sharing common interests with a person pushes one to have deeper conversations and, ultimately, get to know one another better. This informal closeness established with your supervisor may make you more comfortable with them later on in a more professional context.

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