Why try ComparJobs?


A job consists of a series of small daily tasks. Some jobs require performing varied and diverse tasks, while others are more repetitive. Yet, no matter the frequency and nature of what you must accomplish at work, it’s important that you enjoy what you do.

When a position is presented in a job offer, usually the general objectives and an overview of the tasks to be performed are indicated. While this overview is necessary for understanding what is to be expected from the incumbent, it can sometimes be difficult to properly understand what is implied by the description of tasks.

Take, for example, the description of a sales job indicating that the worker will have to “develop new clientele” for the company. Clearly, this wording means that the salesperson will be required to find new clients for the hiring company. But how does this role play out on a daily basis? Will the employee be allowed to act at their discretion, or will they be limited by pre-established processes? Will the work be performed by telephone, or on the road? Will the employee have to use particular tools, such as a computer or other devices? In short, even though a person may enjoy performing sales-related tasks, they may not find the limitations imposed by the employer agreeable.

This example demonstrates the importance of having a proper understanding of which tasks must actually be performed for a job. By ensuring that all aspects of a job are satisfactory, you can be sure that you’ll be happier with your job and, therefore, more motivated. But how can you find out whether the tasks to be performed at a job actually correspond with what you enjoy?

ComparJobs addresses the issue. That’s why we ask each of our members to identify their interests and preferences among a series of key tasks that we’ve identified. These tasks represent everything a worker is required to do on a daily basis. They may be related to actions to perform, tools to use, or the way a job must be executed.

By noting what you enjoy doing in your job search profile, ComparJobs can compare your preferences with what is actually required for the different jobs offered by employers. Armed with this information and other job satisfaction criteria, we can then assess your compatibility with the job offered in your sector. We’ll direct you to the jobs that best match what you'd like to do.

As a ComparJobs member, you’ll always see the “Types of Tasks to Perform” icon when viewing a job offer. This icon represents tasks you flagged as those you enjoy. For every job offer you view, our analysis sheet will indicate whether or not the tasks match your preferences. With this information, as well as other satisfaction factors analyzed by ComparJobs, you’ll be able to decide if you should apply for a job.

Our goal is simple: to enable you to find a job that will satisfy you, motivate you, and make you want to stay a long time. That’s why we help you to find jobs that meet your expectations and requirements. So, are you ready to find a job that you’ll love down to the smallest details?

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